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I hate self-referencing, but it's inevitable

I started writing about cars because I wanted to be the next Clarkson. I bet you can ask 1,000 aspiring writers at random and they'll give you the same answer. It all began in 2008 and it took me ages to monetise my writing. In 2016, I joined Drivetribe before the website went live and these past five years have taught me a lot. Mostly that there's never gonna be another Clarkson, not just because no one's good enough to be him, but chiefly because he comes from a world that doesn't exist anymore.

Cars are no longer cars. They've changed. The industry has changed. The way we talk about it has changed. I strongly believe that you should always follow the path of least resistance - or at least that's what I choose for myself - and that, in the automotive world, is clearly headed in a direction where cars and tech blend together to create a final product that's got a lot more in common with your smartphone than it does with the car your dad used to drive. I say this because I made a conscious decision to cover more tech stuff, more EV stuff, and more recently, more crypto stuff, because to me, it looks like the only possible decision.

I've always loved Drivetribe/Foodtribe, I think the editorial direction was sound and I feel sad because I know that it's gonna be very hard to create and/or find a new platform that provides the same audience, not just in terms of size, but mostly in terms of quality. Because for the most part, DT and FT have always been spam-free and hate-free in the comments.

This is not gonna be my last post. In fact, I'm gonna use every waking minute to produce more content and after February 1st, I'll keep on writing about stuff on other platforms. I wanna thank everyone who contributed, and everyone who commented, bumped, shared or interacted with one of my 10,000+ posts in any form.

From now through the end of the month, every single post I share will contain the following paragraph, I'll use it to share the platform(s) and social(s) on which I'll continue to write about cars, watches, drinks and cryptocurrencies. I'd love it if you could follow me on this journey and do feel free to use every post to pitch your ideas/socials/whatever. Here's the paragraph you'll read after every post from now on. I tried to make as 'non-spammy' as possible.

What's gonna happen to my content after February 1st? I'll keep writing about cars and watches on Flabbergasted, cryptocurrencies on bitcoinea and Publish0x. I also have five instagram accounts: personal, cars, watches, drinks news and crypto; as well as two (semi-active) YouTube channels (personal and cars). Thank you for your support on Drivetribe/Foodtribe, and thank you in advance should you choose to read my content elsewhere in the future.

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  • Good luck to you in your future work!

      15 days ago
  • It has been a real honor and pleasure interacting with you

    I will be here till the lights are off😔

      14 days ago
  • Following! I want to follow ur beer journeys yet!

      14 days ago