How can I score more homepage promotions on FoodTribe?

5 tips to help your content hit the Hot feed on the FoodTribe platform

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FoodTribe pays a bit of cash for all user-created content we add to our homepages (the Hot feed you see when you open FoodTribe on app or web). So you might be wondering – what does our editorial team look for when we assess content for the homepage?

The fact is, it’s more an art than a science. We don’t have a hard and fast homepage promotion guide we can share with you. But what we aim for is engaging, fun, broadly appealing, high-quality, and most importantly, varied, content. The Hot feed is like the bakery window of FoodTribe to the world.

Bear in mind that just because your content doesn’t go to the homepage, doesn't mean it’s not 'good content'. The bakery window can’t all be croissants!

Nonetheless, here are some tips that will help your content score more often:


It’s easy to write up an article about why stout is your favourite beer and then title it “I like stout”; or “stout review” however; this is the internet. You’re trying to get people to stop scrolling and click. So be interesting. Be engaging.

Write your headline like it’s on a food news site: “Stout Review: I’ve decided stout is the best dark beer you can have”, “Here’s 5 reasons why stout is the best beer”.

Asking a question in your headline is an effective way to get your readers to interact with your point of view: “Is stout the best beer? Here’s why I think it is”

Ironically, you might find your article summary (the text under the headline) makes a better headline than the sometimes stilted headline you’ve chosen. Try swapping them.

If it’s a recipe, say it’s a recipe: ‘Recipe: The most amazing homemade chocolate cake you’ll ever eat’. If it’s a video, add ‘Watch:’ at the start.

Example of a great headline:


We love new recipes on FoodTribe, so much so our tech team built a dedicated feature to help us post them!

You can add the Recipe module to your post by clicking the +, then RECIPE button when creating an article in Studio. You will still be able to write text and add pictures around the Recipe module in the post; so it can be a useful addition to the end of an article, or if you’re sharing multiple recipes in one post.

Related to Tip 1, it’s always useful to preface recipes in the headline, eg: ‘Recipe: This bacon and broccoli salad will change your summer lunch game’

Example of the Recipe feature:


There are times our editorial team has been so impressed with an article, or a quiz, let down by bad grammar or spelling, that we’ve sub-edited the text ourselves and promoted it. But we simply don’t have the time to do that all the time.

It’s important that you not only ensure your facts are correct and that your writing is clear and understandable - but also that spelling and grammar is on-par.

If in doubt, try using a proofreading tool like Grammarly to help pick up pesky typos.


Don’t worry, we’re not saying you have to hire a professional photographer to photograph your baking! We certainly don’t (it probably shows).

However, taking a little bit longer to get that snap with your iPhone, to make sure it’s clear, the food is in focus, and it’s not blurry goes a long, long way to lifting your whole post and making everyone drool!

If your post doesn’t feature your own cooking or images, you can find good food pics that are free for use on Our placeholder images in quizzes automatically feature food images from Unsplash, which you can click to change.

Example of good food photography:


Not only do we want the FoodTribe homepage to be high-quality, we also want it to look like a populated bar – and thus how well a post might engage is one aspect of assessing a post for homepage glory!

There’s some ways you can boost interaction with your post – the big one is obviously a great headline. The others are to end on a poll or a burning question. A shining example from over on DriveTribe is Patrick Jackson’s story here

Instead of 4 comments saying ‘lovely story, gawd bless the dealership’, it’s 150+ comments going 'this is the car I dreamed of.' - because of that poll.

Additionally, FoodTribe is a community, not just an audience, so interact! This not only looks like replying to and bumping comments on your posts, which will likely gain you repeat readers and followers, it also looks like joining in with the FoodTribe community and checking out others’ work.


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  • HELL YEAH!!!!

    I need to work on my titles!!! :D HAHAHAHA

      1 month ago
  • Thank you for the tips!

      1 month ago
  • Thank you for sharing this.

    And may I add, there is a saying (unfortunately I don't know by who, as I only have heard its Farsi translation):

    "Tell your own grandma's tales."

    And the idea is that in writing or film making or (in our case) FT content creating, go back to your local stories and experiences. We all love to see pizzas and pastas from the famous Italian cuisine, but once posted fried zucchini flowers and changed our family's life for ever! Something so simple, a grandma's recipe was a hit 5000 km away!

    We've got a few tribers who do this kinds of posts and FT welcomes such content. So don't worry that it might not be interesting, it is very fun to learn about every culture and cuisine! No matter where you're from, we would love to know more about it!

    And it is truly an honour to be mentioned for good photos.😊 I really appreciate it🙏🏻

      1 month ago
    • Such a good adage! People often forget some of the best stories (and thus content) are the ones only they can tell. It's unique. It's meaningful.

      Your photography is an inspiration to us all to up our game aha!

        1 month ago
    • Yes! Exactly!

      The FT is the reason to up my skills too! I'm far from perfect, but I have improved a lot!

        1 month ago
  • How do you make the headline bigger - rather than just the small text

      1 month ago
  • Lovely.. thanx for the tips.

      1 month ago