How cool is this milk vending machine?

Technology and dairy combine

1y ago

You can get some pretty crazy things in vending machines around the world... cars, live crabs, nun outfits for your cat, lettuce and mashed potato. Seriously.

Technology is cool right? Milk is cool, too, right? What about combining technology with dairy.

Well a UK dairy farm has done just that and has created a milk vending machine.

Check out the cool interview as part of the Farm Traveler Podcast.

Instead of collecting the milk and shipping it off to be put into containers, Vine Farm Dairy bottles it in house as part of a vending machine operation to reduce plastic. The farm has both a milk vending machine, and bottle refill machine.

In the interview, Vine Farm Dairy talk to us about how they started, where the idea came from, and all the cool things that are happening with their dairy business.

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  • Dairy is NEVER cool, only if it's being drunk by cow's babies. I can't believe humans think drinking breastmilk intended for another species' BABY is "COOL". How about trying milk made for humans? Get back to your mum's titties OR try oat milk perhaps.

      1 year ago
    • I'm not sure.

      The Irish have had dairy cows for perhaps 10,000 years, which neatly parallels the time frame of the development of civilisation.

      I can't imagine a cup of tea without a spot of milk, or Devonshire tea without cream.

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        1 year ago
    • Couldn't agree more, John!

        1 year ago