How did your pet arrive in your life?

My story about our cat Alita - From rags to riches.

42w ago

Welcoming a pet in our family it's always a big decision. Sometimes it is pondered, and fruit of a long search to fit our taste and needs, and sometimes it just happens that a furry friend joins the household.

Alita is our second cat, before her the King of the house was Torakichi, a calm and quiet black, and white cat. Tora was used to be alone and rule over the home, and despite the will of having a new kitty in the house, we were worried about his reaction. One day, Alita arrived in our lives. She was abandoned with her brother in a trash bin, they were very little and the guy who found her couldn't keep them both, so we decided to adopt her. With great joy, our old male cat Tora became a protective mom for the newbie little ball of fur.

She was just two weeks old, still with newborn fur, a grey little rascal with a strong voice. She was clearly not used to be so loved, first times she was allowed on the bed, she was so unable to contain her happiness that she peed for the joy. Even been so small, her purring was loud like a tractor engine, and while doing her favorite activity, kneading over us, she did drooling a lot.

Yet ten years have gone.

Alita is my beloved cat, the cuddliest, sweetest one I ever had. I don't mind her attempts to choke me while I'm sleeping, laying almost on my face and purring straight in my ear. I don't even care if she weighs more than five kilos and when she jumps on my stomach I lose my breath for a second. Two years ago Tora passed away, and a few months later a new kitty arrived, Lamú. Alita bonded with her almost immediately, bearing Lamú's overactive behavior with such great patience and care. Now, she's her the big mama.

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What about your pets?

How did them arrive in your life?

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Comments (34)

  • We went to a shelter but they didn’t have any cat friendly dogs, but said they were picking up some dogs at the airport from Baku. Truck arrived, we took her for a walk, signed the papers. She never even saw the inside of the shelter.

      9 months ago
  • And a long time ago my friend got Nika as a puppy and had to get rid of her. So I took her in as a pup almost 10 yrs ago!

      9 months ago
  • Not the best of friends, but can’t be without each other.

      9 months ago
  • Unfortunately,i don’t have any pets myself.but this is my neighbours cat,Little Miss Diamond Kitty!(Kitty for short)she is so friendly and affectionate with everyone she meets.i try to keep an eye on her if her owners are out.she has even come to visit me in my flat occasionally,and has slept on my sofa!,she has the loveliest purr,she actually rumbles!she is silky soft even her whiskers and nose are black.i adore her,so lucky to have her as a neighbour😍😘XX

      9 months ago
    • Aaaw she looks like such a sweetie 😍🥰

        9 months ago
    • Oh yes she is.i loved your article about your beautiful reminds me of the cats my sister snd I had a girl.We had three!,the first was Katie( sadly we don’t have any pictures of her)she looked a little like Alita,but she...

      Read more
        9 months ago
  • We just adopted this kid yesterday!

      9 months ago