How do you eat your Pot Noodle: spoon or fork?

Greg James sparked a huge debate with his controversial take...

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Leave it to BBC Radio 1 presenter, Greg James, to tackle the important issues during lockdown. One of these crucial discussions sparked a debate nobody could have foreseen...

Pot Noodle: fork or spoon? That was the question. On the face of it, it's a pretty innocuous curiosity. However, it turns out people are very passionate about the specific tools with which they consume their lunch.

What's the noodle-y issue?

There are benefits and drawbacks to each: a spoon enables you to scoop up some of that delicious chicken and mushroom soup at the bottom to bathe the noodles, but a fork allows you to gain traction on the noodles, letting you get as many in your mouth as possible, with the least frustration.

Many would say, "you do you, boo". Not Greg's listeners however, some of whom could simply not understand how this was even a question.

Some were happy to just get their opinion on the books... one patient contributor said, "Unpopular opinion but eating a Pot Noodle with a spoon is way easier than a fork."

While others passionately defended the use of a spoon: "Someone explain to me how you eat a Pot Noodle with a fork?! You must get no flavour." Another claimed it was as bad as eating your soup with a fork.

On team fork, one furious noodle consumer stated, "I'm so confused that there’s a debate on whether you eat a Pot Noodle with a fork or spoon? SPOON?! Anyone comes at me with a Pot Noodle and a spoon I’m flipping out."

Only one thing for it, try each method: "Just ate my first Pot Noodle with a spoon and I can say the experience was a lot easier than using a fork. What the f***."

Perhaps they might like to try this 3D printed solution, the NoodVamp. A spiky rubber cover that slots over your spoon, offering you the best of both options and restoring world peace.

How do you eat your Pot Noodle?

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