How Ferrero brought the joy of Easter in everyday life

Everyday is Easter with Kinder Surprise

It's Easter Monday, and most of us have unpacked and broken the in some cases many Easter Eggs received yesterday. The result is a lot of chocolate which will be consumed in a few long times, or short, depending on the chocolate and by the person. Anyway let's be honest, we all love Easter Eggs. It is not a matter of chocolate itself, it's a matter of unpacking, breaking and finding a surprise inside. It is the same mechanism behind Christmas presents, discovering some hidden gift, even if, in Easter eggs, we usually find terrible surprises. Keychain, tiny plush, cheap bracelets or tiny toys, which will be helplessly thrown in that drawer where you put all the useless stuff, or rather directly in the bin. Really does not matter if you are six years old or forty, it's always a pleasure to break your egg and find a rather crappy surprise. It's human nature I suppose and every year we repeat this ritual.

In 1968 Michele Ferrero, the owner of Ferrero S.p.a. one of the biggest companies in the chocolate sector had an idea. Bringing the joy of Easter eggs in everyday life. The idea was pretty original at the time and was concretized only in 1974 but nevertheless, it was indeed successful. With the help of William Salice who developed Ferrero's idea, the Kinder Surprise started to be produced.

A small chocolate egg, slightly bigger than a chicken egg, with a shell made of two layers, milk chocolate for the exterior and milk cream in the interior, empty inside except for a small capsule containing a surprise.

For us Italians Kinder surprise it's a big part of our childhood, other than the delicious chocolate, the surprises were and are highly collectible. Through the year mixed with the regular surprises like small cars or toys assembly kits, themed collections were launched and one out of five surprises was part of the collectible series. There was an Asterix series for example or Looney Toons characters, Hot Wheels, in recent times there was also a Lamborghini edition, with the Countach, Urus, Aventador, and Huracan.

As a child, I particularly remind the turtles series, with tiny original models specifically made for Kinder Surprise, or the ghost series which glowed in the dark. There were so many, and I clearly recall the joy to open the egg and finding the missing piece of the current collection, or the delusion of finding a regular surprise, quickly canceled by eating the chocolate.

The Kinder Surprise eggs are still loved by adults and kids, and worldwide over 30 billions have been sold since 1974.

Do you ever have one?

Which surprise series did you collect?

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  • Ahh..of course I had collection of penguins and not only I was little kid there were soo many...still love Kinder Suprise. But I hated when I had puzzle inside of kinder suprise, it was traumatic... Well I received two of them two days ago and I've had such wierd looking ladybugs.

      1 year ago
  • Sadly Kinder eggs are banned here in the U.S. It's for our own good, the government thinks we're too stupid and will choke on the toy or worse we'll allow one of our kids to do so. God Bless America!

      1 year ago
  • l'ovinooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

      1 year ago