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    How many of us use capsule coffee machines?
    • I have a capsule coffee maker
    • I have a traditional coffee maker
    • I buy my coffee
    • I don't drink coffee
    • Other (I'll explain in the comments)

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    • My office used to have both a Keurig machine and a drip maker. I ended up using the drip maker. The Keurig generates too much waste. I have a French press at home 👍.

        6 days ago
    • Yesterday I was trying to find my Keurig to sell lol I bought it years ago and used it for maybe 2 months. The k cups were too expensive and the coffee was very weak for my taste. I like the traditional drip coffee maker.

        6 days ago
      • Exactly! Now we have a capsule one because my boyfriend's mom bought a new one for herself, so she gave us the old one, and It's practical, but wow! The prices are ridiculous! And they create so much waste! Now I'm searching for a refillable...

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          6 days ago
      • That's a really good idea for the reusable capsule and use your own coffee, hopefully that makes it a better taste. There's also something about brewing coffee from a plastic cup that is not appetizing lol

          6 days ago
    • Other- I'm that fringe person who likes coffee but has instant most of the time.

        3 days ago
    • At home, it's either the French press or various brands of freeze dried instants.

        4 days ago
    • I have a French press and an Ikae Moka pot in the office. My colleagues and I destress by manually hand grinding our coffee beans. We use local roasts mostly using liberica beans which impart a smoky flavour to the brew as these beans are usually open roasted with salted margarine. It's a common process for processing beans here in Southeast Asia. The resultant brew is usually taken with a small measure of coarse sugar or a dollop of sweetened condensed milk. An indulgence? Definitely!

        4 days ago