How much? £30 for espresso at new London coffee shop

Jacu Coffee are serving extremely rare coffee made from bird droppings. But this espresso certainly isn't going 'cheep'!

A new coffee shop has opened in Westminster, and they're serving an espresso that costs a ludicrous £30. Naturally, this isn't just any old espresso: it's made using beans found in the droppings of the Jacu, a rare bird found in South America, and yields, apparently, extremely tasty results.

The Jacu bird spends its days flying around coffee plantations finding the absolute ripest berries, and once it has ingested and digested the fruit, it passes the seed (or 'bean', as we like to call it) with its droppings. Due to the bird's selective diet, the coffee it eats (and subsequently defecates) is of the highest quality.

The droppings are then collected by hand by locals, and the resulting coffee is, according to the Jacu Coffee website, 'fruity and chocolatey'. So, all this work is done to make an espresso with the two most common and generic flavour notes around? We can only imagine how a painstaking a process this is, but do you think it justifies the price tag of £1400 per kilogram at Harrods, or £30 a cup at the Jacu Coffee shop in Westminster? Clearly this is one of those 'expensive for the sake of it' kind of things that the majority of us will just never understand.

The new coffee shop is the new project by Arif Graca, who already runs a number of restaurants and bars in Sao Paulo, most notably the famous Terrazza Rooftop and Sutton Sao Paulo. It is clearly aimed at a certain clientele; in addition to serving what is almost certainly the most expensive cup of coffee in the UK, they serve the coveted wagyu beef and fillet steaks.

Graca has hopes of making Jacu Coffee a household name, and it seems he's on the right track: the release of this new bean has boosted the fame (or infamy) of the brand no end. However, whilst gimmicky products like this can draw the public's attention for a few days, Graca's goal of opening five further shops in the capital might require more consistent marketing...

Would you spend £30 on an espresso?

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Comments (5)

  • I get my cat to do the same, but at no extra cost 😆🙀😻

      1 year ago
  • I think it's actually most likely more expensive because those who collect have to literally route around in crap for it. Not, for a second, saying that justifies *such* a high price tag, but I find it useful to think about why things cost a great deal extra and spare a thought for those at the start of that production line

      1 year ago
  • I got used to it. Shopping in this country is like extortion.

      1 year ago
  • I've heard about this costly coffee. And the answer is no.

      1 year ago
  • How stupid.

    But if any Westminster MPs want to come down my way, I will, for less than 30 quid, wee in the local beer for them. Hansom.

    Purely out of interest, they get 46 cups out of a kilo, that is 21 gm per cup. Costa would charge about £7.50 for that as it is the same as 3 mediums.

      1 year ago