How much would you pay for a 32-year-old six-pack of beer?

A detectorist in Australia found a 32-year-old pack of Emu beer buried in the sand

5w ago

Mark Smith, a detectorist from Australia, was metal detecting along a beach near One Mile Jetty, around 900km north of Perth, when he happened upon a 32-year-old six-pack of Emu Export, a lager beer brand owned by Sydney-based Lion and part of the Kirin family.

In an interview with Perth North, Mr Smith - who has been detecting for 20 years - said the beer cans were actually partially exposed in the sand. “I was just metal detecting and looking for pennies when I saw one of the cans,” Smith said. “It wasn’t opened so I picked it up and saw it was a six pack. They’ve been buried under the sand for over 20 years. They are empty but still in good nick attached to each other".

Mr Smith said he’s already received bids from collectors and I’m not surprised. The market for booze-related collectible items is booming. Not too long ago, a cafe in Liverpool retrieved a menu dating back to 1913 while refurbishing the locale. Such items can potentially be worth three, four or - in rare cases - five-figure sums at auction. In 2012, two menus from the Titanic were sold for a combined £100,000 at auction in the UK.

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