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How to cook perfect pasta, saving time and money

How to cook perfect pasta, saving time and money

2y ago

For two people you will need around half a packet or paste, this is around 250 grams of uncooked pasta. I will use my favorite penne pasta to explain the method, you can get penne pasta in any supermarket and is the one in the image above, the same method will work on most pasta.


Pour 250 grams of the pasta into a saucepan, that you have a lid for, you must have a lid, if you cannot retain the heat this method will not work, so if you don't have a lid a large plate will also do, but you must be able to retain the heat in the saucepan.

Pour in boiling water, to about an inch and 1/2 or 40 mm higher than the pasta and if you like, you can add a large hand full of frozen peas, it is a good way of getting some extra protein and greens into your diet.

Boil the pasta in the saucepan for 3 to 4 minutes stirring the pasta, so it does not stick together, once the heat is back up turn off the heat completely, leaving the lid on for 5 minutes. After the 5 minutes reheat your saucepan until it boils again then turn off the gas complete, your pasta will now absorb as much water as it needs, before draining turn back up the heat so to reheat the pasta. in total it will take no longer to cook your pasta around 15 minutes, drain and serve.

You have saved 8 to 10 minutes gas or electricity by not continuing to boil your pasta, and the pasta will be just the same as if you cooked it for 15 minutes on the gas.

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    • Hi Valentina check out this website, I have done it all the time and have for about a year the same is for rice, see in section 5 the website link is below. Kind regards Steve

      5. The water must be boiling.

      Don’t be concerned about keeping your...

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