Burgers brought to you by
Burgers brought to you by
- Premium Grilled Chicken Burger from Mcdonalds

How to custom-make the perfect McDonalds Burger

Do you fancy the perfect Spicy Chicken Sandwich? Read on!

42w ago


Before you start telling me how bad Mcdonald's is for yours or my health, I am going to stop you immediately.

Mcdonald's guys are geniuses. To be able to make millions of meals day in day out across the world is feat amongst itself. I cannot cook an egg consistently day in and day out.

The best part of the above system is that they are so consistent in delivering the exact same taste almost every time is impressive.

Imagine going into a country whose food you have never experienced. You are tired and hungry and just need some comfort food. Nothing beats a Mcdonald's at that point of time. Plus is if you have any food allergies you know they will help you sort those out as well.

This is why they are brilliant. Did you know when in Japan they had a shortage of fries, so they air freighted them from all over the world! Now that's customer service.

Anyways I live in Dubai, and in the Middle East, we have something called the McSpicy Chicken Burger. Now, as per me, this is the yummiest option on their menu. However, if you have had it as many times as I have, you can get bored of it.

Here are a few steps to make sure you get the proper zing out of it!

My customized Mcdonald's meal.

My customized Mcdonald's meal.

Customize your order, so it has to be made fresh.

Here's what I do:

McSpicy Chicken Burger

No Mayonnaise

No Tomato

Add Extra Cheese ( It already has one slice of cheese. So a total of two slices)

Add Jalapeno

Add Onion

Mcdonald's serves this with a chili sauce dip which I like to open and pour inside.

Plus I add some mustard and, a fried egg. Disclaimer: I take the meal home and make a nice crispy fried egg and add it to my burger! YUMMY!

I also live very close to a Mcdonald's, so it stays hot till the time I do the above activity.

Also, you have to have it fries and Coke (no ice).

Try it out and let me know what you think of my secret Mcdonald's recipe in the comments below.

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Comments (4)

  • I always order a Big Mac with extra Big Mac sauce. It's messy, but it is glorious.

      9 months ago
  • This sounds really yummy! I'm not sure if we have this sandwich in the US. I always stick with the regular $1 hamburger, it's classic and my favorite

      9 months ago