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How to get big savings from b​ig-name wine merchants this spring

W​hich big names will deliver vino to the door and how much will it cost? The only two questions you ever really need to ask

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W​hich big names will deliver vino to the door and how much will it cost? The only two questions you ever really need to ask.

Thankfully, the answer to the first question is almost all of them. Here's a quick glance at their current pricing and delivery charges.

L​aithwaites/The Sunday Times Wine Club

laithwaites.co.uk | sundaytimeswineclub.co.uk

Effectively the same site under two different names, presumably to allow the pretentious to say they "belong to The Sunday Times Wine Club, darling." Introductory "Season's" plans are now back on offer after a pause earlier in lockdown and are currently on sale for just under £72, which includes free delivery and represents a saving of up to £78. Make sure to read the terms and conditions of the offer though; these are introductory prices for your first crate and payment rolls over at different rates unless cancelled.

They will also deliver without a plan or membership and with no minimum order required, but a £7.99 delivery charge applies up to 18 bottles.



M​ajestic: scourge of livers and filler of car boots from here to Calais. Also known in my family home as 'old faithful'. Currently, there's 33% off New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc and up to 25% off selected reds. They've unsurprisingly halted click and collect orders right now and, thanks to high demand, have reduced their delivery guarantee to 10 days.

There is no minimum order and free delivery starts with an order of only 6 bottles. Free nominated day delivery applies on orders over £150. Their website recommends emailing your local store to order as this may speed up delivery times.

I​t all tastes so much better when you haven't had to move from the sofa. Photo by Scott Warman on Unsplash

I​t all tastes so much better when you haven't had to move from the sofa. Photo by Scott Warman on Unsplash

W​aitrose Cellar


If you can't get to Waitrose for your fix of middle-classness and your supplies of wine and Boursin, have them come to you. Their cellar currently offers an exclusive crate reduced from £100 to £60 and their standard 6-bottle and 12-bottle crates go for £53 and £90 respectively. Sticking true to their supermarket identity, Waitrose currently have over 150 bottles on promotion.

There is no minimum purchase, but orders under £150 will add a £5.95 delivery charge. Like Majestic, the Waitrose delivery window has also been extended to 10 days due to heightened demand. Waitrose stores are still open, however, so unlike other options you can still purchase your wine to click and collect if you can get to a store.

V​irgin Wines


Virgin is still heroically supplying us with internet connection, television and wine during the pandemic. If only they could fly us on holiday too. Or into space. Or onto a private island in the Caribbean. Mixing and matching from their entire range is now available once more after stopping earlier in lockdown. Good savings can be had on their pre-mixed cases, with savings between £10 and £20 depending on the wine colour.

Unfortunately, there's a minimum order of 12 bottles and free delivery only kicks in over £150. Until then it's £7.99 unless you're a WineBank customer (effectively a monthly direct debit). It does appear to be free on their mixed cases, however. Their delivery window is 3 working days.



T​he low cost heroes don't stop at selling discoloured European meats, strangely named biscuits and reasonably priced garden tools that nobody needs. They're a wine merchant too and, as would be expected, have a decent range of bottles under £10. Unfortunately, their prices seem to have got the better of their supply chain during this period of high demand, with quite a few wines currently out of stock and orders limited to 12 bottles .

Standard delivery is free over £20 although a minimum order of 6 bottles means you effectively get free delivery whenever ordering.

W​ine Society


Nothing pithy to say about these guys. They're a pretty reasonably-priced wine merchant but you can't actually buy anything without becoming a member, and currently they aren't taking new members. Stick yourself on their mailing list to be notified about membership reopening. They sell unmixed crates for as little as £35, which isn't bad, so it might be worth it.

D​elivery is free on 12 bottles or over £75. There looks to be a 6 bottle minimum order.



T​he onomatopoeic vintners currently offer 6-bottle crates of South African Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz for £60, reduced from £77 and including free delivery. Their other cases are also relatively well priced, with 12 bottles going for £90 and an indulgence box containing champagne reduced by over £50 to £130.

Delivery starts at a modest £3.95 but is only free after £100 or on specified crates. All pre mixed deliveries are dispatched within 24 hours, customer specified crates can take up to two days. There is no minimum purchase limit.



Remember these guys? They used to be everyone's local offy back in the 90s – within driving distance no matter how drunk you were. Patsy even lived in one. Well, they're still going, despite having fallen into administration in the early 2010s. Cases aren't cheap, with the only 6-bottle boxes currently available priced at almost £80. They do have a sizeable range under £10, however.

Standard delivery is free after £100 and £4.95 before that. Delivery times are slower due to current circumstances but the website states that all orders placed with standard delivery will receive a service upgrade free of charge, resulting in an expected delivery window of 4-5 days. There is no minimum order.

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