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- Celebrate college bowl with a salad bowl (Credit: Michael Saechang via Flickr)

How to get Chipotle to cover your delivery fees

To celebrate college bowl season, Chipotle might just reimburse your delivery fees — for anything

1y ago

Want delicious burritos without leaving your couch? Of course you do.

Thankfully Chipotle is offering free delivery on all order over $10 between 20 December and 6 January, and again on 13 January. This generous offer is all to celebrate the return of the college bowl season… burrito bowls for college bowl, get it?

But wait, there’s more. Because the popular Mexican chain is not only offering free delivery on its tasty grub. It’s also bringing back its Free Delivery Bowl contest, where Chipotle might reimburse your delivery fees on… anything.

That’s right: whether it’s the new shoes you bought the other day or a mattress you bought months ago, you might be able to get the delivery fees reimbursed. And just in time for the holiday season.

Enter the contest by replying to Chipotle’s tweet, include a photo of your receipt and your Venmo handle.

According to Chipotle’s Twitter…. One woman may even get her *baby* delivery fees reimbursed.

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