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How to go organic and save money

Why this group of friends set-up an organic food cooperative.

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Driven by a personal desire to eat better locally, a group of entrepreneurial women – Erin, Jennie, Jo, Kate and Mel – set up something amazing and valuable to Bearwood, Birmingham, UK.

In the early days, the group was a small core of women and the project began with a group of friends chatting one night in the kitchen.

They were disappointed at the selection of organic food they could get locally, so decided to try only buying on the high street for a week and seeing how they could survive.

They were not at all happy with the results, so the group pooled their resources to negotiate great buying deals for quality goods from a range of suppliers.

Their farmer guaranteed his meat contains no antibiotics, hormones or other growth enhancers, and their bread is made by a local organic baker.

The project quickly grew and for many years they operated by gathering and co-ordinating a pick up from the local library once a week, but nowadays they have scaled down and just continue between their group of friends.

However, the group are passionate about encouraging other people to do the same and would love to pass on their contacts and help other people set up new groups.

They also promote food in the community by running a street food festival as well as actively promoting the slow food movement.

If you feel you may be up to the challenge, please contact them at: www.facebook.com/BearwoodPantry/ to find out more.

Organic tomatoes

Organic tomatoes

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