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How to make mash or sweet potato mash

How to make mash or sweet potato mash

1y ago


3 to 4 large potatoes or sweet potatoes or even a mix of normal potatoes and sweet potatoes.

Salt and pepper

Sprinkle of garlic granules or fresh or paste

Butter or Margarine

Some Milk


Start by scraping the skins off the potatoes and place then into boiling water and cook until soft, drain then mash with a little milk and margarine or butter to your desired likeness, add garlic fresh or use garlic granules or paste, add salt and pepper. Once done leave for a few minutes while the other part of the meal is being made ready.

When needed reheat with a little extra knob of butter or margarine in the microwave and then enjoy with fish or meat or if you are a veggie why not have a veggie burger..

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