How To Make Mediterranean Honey Salad Dressing

How To Make Mediterranean Honey Salad Dressing in One Minute

1y ago

There is nothing like a great dressing for your boring salad so let's kick it up a notch and let's make it hum... tasty, with this simple dressing that you can make for yourself in one minute and give that healthy but boring salad a little ding-a-ling flavour.


One cup or jug

Two tablespoons of olive or sunflower oil

One teaspoon of vinegar, malted or balsamic

One teaspoon of lemon juice

A small sprinkle of mixed herbs

A sprinkle of salt and pepper

A sprinkle of paprika

A small drizzle of clear honey


In the cup or jug add the olive or sunflower oil into the cup or jug, then add the vinegar malt or balsamic, lemon juice, the sprinkle of mixed herbs and paprika, salt and pepper.

Then using a fork stir together until the mix becomes emulsified, then pour it all over your salad and gently stir into your salad, then enjoy.

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