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How To Make My Extra Lasagna

Because I am extra, I wanted to share my version of a lasagna. Just like the original, but with extra ingredients. So sit down, recipe time!

To start, you will need:

1 lb (or more) ground beef

1 lb (or more) Italian Sausage, hot or mild

Some Pepperoni (It's optional, jeez) Then you got your cheeses:

Ricotta, Mozzarella, Provolone, Cheddar (White, but if you want yellow, hey do you boo)

Round up your seasonings, Garlic (A lot.) Italian Seasonings, Salt, Pepper

A big ass jar, or a couple of big ass jars, of sauce. Your preference. I prefer Ragu, because they are bomb with their veggies added into it. You can also add stewed tomatoes to your sauce, because you are extra like I am.

Red Wine (Yeah. To drink. Add to the sauce too, but for the love of god do NOT try to drink red cooking wine. Not saying I tried it)

Anyway... πŸ™„

Grab a mixing bowl, add your meats, if you have sausage in the casing, you can remove it. Because it's annoying. Mix all of your seasonings into the meat, season to your taste.

Make sure you have a skillet, non stick preferably. Coat the bottom with olive oil, heat on medium, or to your liking. Chop up your garlic (A lot) add to the meat. Mix. You can use gloves, if you hate touching meat with your bare hands. Throw the meat into the pan, cook on medium until done. Set aside.

Get a big ass pot, add water, and olive oil, bring to a boil. Cook the pasta. While that's cooking, get your baking dish out. Mix up your ricotta cheese, you will need milk, 3 eggs, salt and pepper. Mix. When that's done, grab your pasta. Make sure it's Al Dente. Coat the bottom of your dish with olive oil. Layer your pasta, sauce (Preferably Ragu, or whatever you have) meat, cheese. pepperoni. Repeat, and add cheese and pepperoni on top. Extra mozzarella, extra provolone. Cheese your heart out. Put your masterpiece in the oven, you would have pre-heated it to 350/375. Let cook for 40 minutes, depending on how awesome your oven is. Mine sucked, so the last time I made this, took an hour to bake. πŸ˜’

Serve with Garlic Bread, Breadsticks or whatever.

And there you have it, that's my extra Lasagna. If you do decide to try this, I hope you enjoy. And there is no Paprika, because it's stupid.

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