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How to make Pizza Dip

It's PIZZA DAY. Are you throwing a small get together with some disco music and destruction? Well this one is for you.

1y ago

Back in the day, when my family would throw get togethers (or opportunities to destroy our house, as they really were) we would have all sorts of food. Spanish chicken wings, nacho supreme platters, and snacks. My deviled eggs of course. But the family favorite was pizza dip. Because it was simple, and soooo delicious. So without further ado, let me break down the ingredients:

Cream Cheese. Depending on how huge your party is, you will need a crap load of it.

Pizza Sauce. A few big ass jars should do. I like the types, if available, with cheese mixed in.

Pepperoni. Whichever you prefer. There's also turkey pepperoni. Whatever you feel like getting down with.

Oregano, Pepper Jack, (Optional, if you want a slight kick) Mozzarella Cheese, and Garlic.

Grab your mixing bowl, (microwave safe preferably) and drop in the cream cheese. Chop up your garlic, drop that into the bowl. Mix, slightly. Pop the bowl in the microwave, on high for 2 minutes or until the cheese is melted. Pour some of the cheese mixture in a baking dish, Hit up your sauce, add the oregano, more garlic if you want. Add your sauce to the dish. Slam the mozzarella and pepperjack cheese on top of the sauce. Then your pepperoni, repeat the steps if you have a lot of product. Pop the dish in the oven, 15 minutes should do. Of course you can add whatever toppings you choose, olives, peppers. Serve with your favorite Tortilla Chips, Breadsticks, Garlic Bread. I hope you try it, and enjoy. As far as the chicken wings, and nacho supreme, those will be posted in the future. As soon as I remember how they were made. 🙄

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