How to Make the Apple Strudel from Inglourious Basterds

Don't forget the cream.

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If you have ever seen a Quentin Tarantino film, apart from the rich storytelling and over-the-top iconic bloodshed, you may have noticed his keen focus on food. From the $5 shake and Big Kahuna burgers in Pulp Fiction, the bar nachos in Death Proof, the white cake in Django Unchained, the stew in the Hateful Eight, and the sushi in Kill Bill, Tarantino has circled the globe of food throughout his more than thirty year career in film.

One moment that stands out the most to me and many other fans is the apple strudel in his 2009 flick, Inglourious Basterds. Our protagonist, Shosanna, aka Emmanuelle, is seated with antagonist SS detective Colonel Hans Landa in a French restaurant. Landa orders two strudels for them, and instructs her that they must wait for the cream. It is a scene of sheer suspense and agony for Shosanna and the audience, as we do not know if the ever so charming Landa is aware of her true identity. It is amazing how she can even take one bite of the dessert in his daunting presence. Here is a short clip of the beloved strudel scene -

The way Tarantino shoots food makes you want it! There is something about the way he captures the imagery and sounds that make you so hungry, and how the actors seem to truly revel in each bite.

If you ever wanted this apple strudel, now is your chance to make it on your own!

Popular Youtube food channel Binging With Babish created a video that shows you how to make the lovely strudel. It includes simple ingredients but the tricky part is to stretch the dough out as much as possible. It needs to be seriously thin in order to create the ultra flaky crust, and while it takes a little skill, it might be worth the attempt. I plan on making it at some point, and if you do too, then please let me know how it turned out in the comments! Do you have your own recipe for strudel? Share it!

How to Make the Inglourious Basterds Apple Studel

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