How to make the perfect drink... at home

You know drinks always taste better when you have them in a bar? Not any more

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Drinks always taste better in a bar right? You might not be able to put your finger on it, but there's just something about them. Well, we're about to reveal all the boozy secrets so you can make a drink at home, that tastes just as great as it does in a bar.

If you’ve been in a bar recently (well perhaps not that recently, as nowhere’s been open) you might have seen on the menu, or heard the bartender talking about a ‘perfect serve’. It’s a snappy little phrase that means to serve a drink or cocktail at its best – and we’re not just talking about making a drink right, we’re talking about making sure *everything* is perfect.

There are a few factors that go into nailing the perfect serve. You might think, ‘meh, I’ll leave it to my bartender to get that right’. But if you’re making a drink at home, surely you want it to taste as great as it possibly can, right? Of course you do – and that’s where this handy guide comes in.

How to make the perfect drink at home... in five parts

The art of the perfect serve can be summed up in five parts: glassware, ice, ingredients, pour and garnishes.

Getting your glass right is important for presentation, but it also helps to shape the flavours and aromas of your drink. The golden rule? Make sure you don’t touch the top third of the glass when you’re preparing your drink. Remember, you’re an at-home bartender now – so this is serious business...

Most people don’t give ice a second thought. Thought any old frozen water would do? ‘Fraid not. Where you can, use large, preferably clear ice cubes. If you’re making your own cubes at home, you get ‘em on point using boiling, filtered water. Oh, and make sure you use enough ice to chill your drink without diluting it too much. Ain’t no-one wants a watery mess of a drink.

So you’ve got your glassware and ice sorted. What comes next? Well, it may seem obvious – but for the perfect serve, you need to make sure that only the very best ingredients go into your glass. Love spirits? Finders’ new range of seven adventurous drinks has something for everyone, from velvety rums to zingy vodkas and fruity gins.

They say quality over quantity – and they’re not wrong. Too much booze and your drink will be overpowering; too much mixer and you won’t be able to taste it. It’s all in the balance. Invest in a jigger (measure) so you can get your boozy quantities right every time.

The final flourish is your garnish. Make sure your garnish ingredients are as fresh as your drink, and that you’re using something that complements the flavours of your home-made creation.

Finders Spirits perfect serves

Need a little hand getting those mixology juices flowing? Here’s how to pull off the perfect serve with the entire new range of Finders Spirits.

... Finders Oak Aged Chocolate & Coffee Rum and Cola...

If you like your drinks rich, velvety and intense, Finders Chocolate & Coffee Rum is your match made in boozy heaven. It’s oak aged, with botanicals including orange peel, mace, liquorice, nutmeg and muscovado – and with its far-flung flavours and spicy taste, it’s the closest thing you’ll get to adventure in a glass.


50ml Finders Chocolate & Coffee Rum

100ml Madagascan Cola

Slice of orange and sprig of mint


Fill a glass with ice, add 50ml of Finders Chocolate & Coffee Rum, 100ml of Madagascan Cola, a slice of orange and a sprig of mint to serve.

... Finders London Dry Gin and Original Tonic...

Finders London Dry Gin is clean, classic and crisp – like a sunny day spent under a flower-clad pergola (where in the world that pergola may be is up to you). A fanciful concoction, it features 17 botanicals, including juniper (of course), coriander, angelica, orris, citrus peel and spruce.


50ml Finders London Dry Gin

100ml Original Tonic

A slice of lemon


Fill a glass with ice, add 50ml Finders London Dry Gin, top with original tonic, and garnish with a slice of lemon.

... Finders Sherbet Lemon Vodka with Lemonade...

A grain-distilled vodka with oodles of natural lemon flavours, Finders Sherbet Lemon Vodka is a zingy and exciting spirit with bags of citrus-y zest. No matter where you are, its playful, sunshine-filled flavours are guaranteed to fill you with that exciting, first-day-of-your-holiday feeling.


50ml Finders Sherbet Lemon Vodka

100ml Lemonade

A slice of lemon and a sprig of mint.


Fill a glass with ice, add 50ml of Finders Sherbet Lemon Vodka, 100ml of lemonade, a slice of lemon and a sprig of mint.

Which one do you like the sound of best?

Find out more about the new Finders Spirits range.

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