- Lemon tea is a refreshing beverage

How to make the perfect hot lemon tea

Let’s start off with a refreshing beverage that is easy to make

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Hello, FoodTribers! This is my first post here and I am very excited to post my day-to-day food recipes that many can benefit from! I say benefit, because I have some unique and tasty food ideas that are easy to make. I am going to start off with a beverage that many of us all over the world like – hot lemon tea.

That's black tea...

That's black tea...

Now, as many of you might know, there are some tealeaves that are specifically used for making black tea and there are other tea powders and leaves that are used to make milk tea. The tealeaves I got from Ooty (a famous hill station near Coimbatore) was for black tea and the shopkeeper suggested that it can be used for making lemon tea as well. However, you can use other tealeaves too, just make sure that those are good for making black tea.

The process of making lemon tea

Now, once you have bought your black tea leaves, it is time to pour water in a kettle and heat it. Add tealeaves as required – I usually boil 500ml of water and add one tablespoon of tea leaves.

As the mixture boils, you will get a shade of dark brown. Addition of too much tealeaves will make the drink too dark and that is also an indication of how strong it will be. If you prefer mild black tea, simply reduce the amount of tealeaves you add in the hot water. The colour will be a shade of dark brown.

Another tip is to add small pieces of ginger to the mixture – it brings in a unique taste and helps digestion. Addition of a few mint leaves is also leaves a nice taste. Both these are optional add-ons to customize your tea and it is not a big deal if you do not have ginger or mint leaves.

Now, after the mixture has boiled for a few minutes, take a filter and pour the tea in a cup. If you consume black tea without any sweetening agent, it will taste bitter. Here is where you add sugar or honey to bring in that sweetness. I prefer honey over sugar any day, because it is healthy and it elevates the taste.

This is the step that will make your tea unique. After you have added a sweetening agent in your cup of tea, cut 1/4th of a lemon, squeeze it and add its juice to the hot tea. Instantly, you will see the colour of the black tea turn a shade of orange. Now stir it well and enjoy your homemade lemon tea!

After you add a few drops of lemon juice to black tea, this is how the colour will change

After you add a few drops of lemon juice to black tea, this is how the colour will change

A new taste of lemon tea every time you make

Now, every time you make lemon tea, it might be different – it depends on how strong you make your black tea, how much lemon juice you add and most important of all – what kind of tea leaves you use. These three factors are enough to make each cup of lemon tea made anywhere in the world very different from one another. This is why I have not mentioned any specific brand or type of tea - you can do a lot of experiments with the different tea varieties available in your location.

For example, when my regular tea leaves which I have mentioned above finished, I substituted that with masala tea powder (again purchased in Ooty) and the taste changed took a turn for the good! Imagine the flavours of masala tea combined with the unique taste of lemon tea. I don't miss my regular tea leaves after I made this simple customisation.

P.S - If you add to much lemon juice to your black tea, it will taste as if you are drinking a hot cuppa lemon juice. And lemon juice always tastes well when it is cold, not hot! So remember, balance is key here. Add too much juice and you will lose the essence of lemon tea.

Try it and let me know how you have customised your lemon tea!

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  • I like this idea, however Twinings has already sliced the lemon and ginger and put it with the leaves in a tea bag. And when I'm angry and sore-throated, that's what I grab.

      1 year ago
  • Welcome to FoodTribe Ganesh!

      1 year ago
  • Welcome to FoodTribe!

      1 year ago
  • That is a good recipe!

      1 year ago