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How we french press

Several years ago on one of our many trips to Ravenwood Castle for our anniversary, one of the workers offered to french press our coffee.

2y ago

So are love affair with french pressed coffee began. As soon as we got back home I was on Amazon ordering our first french press. It has since broke as it was made from glass and met an untimely death on the kitchen floor. What you see is the second press we have bought and we enjoy it even more than the first.

This shows you a break down of our press. It comes with two metal mesh screens, which was the same as our glass one but not all presses come with these. These do help keep grinds out of your cup. You will a lot of times still have like silt in the bottom. So most of the time do not plan on having the last swallow of coffee.

Our press is a 32 ounce press. I start with four heaping coffee scoops into our grinder. This shows our usual grind. Add grinds into the bottom of press. During this time you should have a pot of water on the stove. You do not want your water boiling! You will scorch the beans and this will add an odd taste to your coffee. The water should be at almost a simmer, if you end up in a boil, turn it off and let if set for about 30 seconds to one minute. Add water to your press. Stir your water and grinds. If you have a glass press make sure to use wood or plastic to stir with. If you use metal to stir in a glass press while it is hot it may break. Make sure all your screens are attached to your plunger and put it in the press. Wait 3-6 minutes, then steadily press the plunger down. Pour and Enjoy!

This is how we french press. I hope this is helpful to some of you new to it or thinking about trying it. It is a cleaner, fresher taste and it makes it hard to go back to the Mr. Coffee pot during the work week.

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  • πŸ˜ƒ

      2 years ago
  • I have a small press collecting dust. Probably time to give it a try again and put it to the taste test.

      2 years ago
  • We have one. I don’t drink coffee but my husband swears by his.

      2 years ago
    • If I had time during the week, we would use it all the time. Not something I'm wanting to bother with at 4:30 am. Preset the coffee pot!

        2 years ago
    • He heats the water using our Keurigg (sp) and does whatever else you do. But yes on a work morning I think he gets gas station coffee.

        2 years ago