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    How well do you k​now your cheese?

    1y ago


    Beautiful red tangy cranberries bring the right balance to the extra mild flavor of this British cheese. Who am I?

    • Wensleydale with cranberries
    • Yarg with berries
    • C​ranberry cream cheese
    • Caerphilly with cranberries

    Historically known as the 'King of Cheeses', aged up to 12 weeks, and has stunning blue-green veins. Who am I?

    • Stilton
    • Gorgonzola
    • Stinky Cheese
    • Caboc

    Imported from Sardinia, carefully matured for 8 months to attain its extra-sharp flavor. Who am I?

    • Pecorino Romano
    • H​ard Cheese
    • Parmigiano-Reggiano / Parmesan
    • Gouda

    A soft-ripened cow's milk that has been popular throughout the ages, it has earned itself the nickname: "The Queen of Cheese"

    • B​rie
    • Burrata
    • C​amembert
    • Mozzarella

    Traditional farmhouse English cheese from the early 1800s, with an added kick of onion. Who am I?

    • Double Gloucester with onions and chives
    • C​heddar with onion
    • Red Leicester with onion
    • Manchego with onion

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