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Creamy Cajun Potato || Spicy Potatoes || चटपटे आलू || Cajun spiced potatoes || Barbeque nation style recipe

I Had always wanted to try this crispy cajun spiced potatoes dish since the day I had first tasted it in Barbeque Nation. Few days back I decided to recreate the succulent dish remembering the taste and texture of it. And well It turned out to be the way it tasted when I had it first!

Patatoes are always hot favourite, agree? Potato based dishes are ultra popular all over the world and are served as a snack or starters.

Well, Cajun Potato is one of a signature dish in Barbeque Nation part of their vegetarian pallet. Cajun potato recipe is simple to cook, boiling the baby potatoes, gently pressing them to make patty look shape, fry them with the dip of batter and ultimately topping with creamy Cajun sauce .

Cajun sauce is the main highlight of this dish , which is a eclectic mix of ingredients like Mayonnaise, Chilli Flakes, Herbs Mixed, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder, Salt, Pepper Powder, Paprika, Milk

Cajun Mayonnaise dressing should be added over the potatoes just before serving , else it will turn soggy.

I’ll show you here in Ligu’s Kitchen how to make a delicious Cajun Potatoes.

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