H​undreds of fake McDonald's coffee stickers found in man's car

A​ driver from Bradford was found with a stash of fake stickers in his car

2y ago

A​ man in Bradford has been discovered stashing hundreds of seemingly fake McDonald's coffee stickers in his car.

T​he man in question was pulled over on Sunday on Westgate Hill Street by the Steerside Enforcement Team, who handle an anti-social behaviour and criminal offences on the roads.

T​he stickers are a rip-off of the original McDonald's ones that are given to customers when they purchase hot drinks. Police say the man was trying scam the loyalty system where six stickers gets you a free hot beverage.

T​he enforcement team took to Twitter exclaiming, "It may seem inconsequential, but it is illegal to cheer a company like this. Just pay for your coffee!"

A McDonald's spokesman confirmed that, "anyone attempting to use what our restaurant teams believe to be counterfeit will be declined their free coffee."

T​he man in question is now currently undertaking a "community resolution" for fraud alongside a suspicion of drug-driving, which he will be brought to court for.

W​hat would you do for a coffee?

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Comments (10)

  • Why would someone go to great lengths, to do something so stupid. Inmate 1 “what are you in jail for?” Inmate 2 “ I was counterfeiting McDonald cups, I got 5 years “😂😂

      2 years ago
  • That definitely wasn’t me...

      2 years ago