Hungry monkeys in Bali are raiding homes for food

The tourists are gone and the monkeys don’t like it

4w ago

Villagers in Sangeh - world famous monkey forest near Bali, Indonesia - say the gray long-tailed macaques that live in the area are becoming increasingly reckless because they’re hungry, and they’re now raiding homes to find food.

Ordinarily, the 600+ monkeys that live in the sanctuary would wait for tourist handouts - such as bananas and peanuts - but there’s no tourism going on right now and they’re now stealing food from people’s homes.

There are 4 million residents in the Bali area, and 5 million people visit every year, but Indonesia banned all foreign travellers from entering the island and the sanctuary because of the pandemic and that made monkeys… ‘hangry’.

Worried that these sporadic events will escalate into frequent assaults on the village, villagers are now constantly bringing food to monkeys to placate their hunger. “We are afraid that the hungry monkeys will turn wild and vicious,” said one villager.

“[One day], on my way to the temple, I parked my car and took out two plastic bags containing food and flowers as offerings, two monkeys suddenly appeared and grabbed it all and ran into the forest very fast,” said another villager.

Made Mohon, one of the people that work in the Sangeh Monkey Forest, said “[this] prolonged pandemic is beyond our expectations. Food for monkeys has become a problem. Villagers help but they’re feeling the economic pinch, and they’re giving less and less.”

Macaques are omnivores, but the ones that live in the Sangeh Monkey Forest have had enough contact with humans over the years that are now used to eating bananas, fruits and peanuts. In other words, they’ve become picky.

Have you ever visited a monkey sanctuary?

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Comments (4)

  • Very interesting article, thank you. I heard about this on NPR recently - apparently these little guys also steal sunglasses and cellphones and hold the items hostage until the owners redeem them with some food. Cute critters, but I wouldn't want them running loose around here!

      1 month ago
  • As long they keep there hands of the beer, you don't want a drunk monkey on your car!

      1 month ago
  • Nope!

      1 month ago