I ate sushi from Wasabi and it gave me the brown rain.

Have you ever seen the rain?

32w ago


6pm: I pass through London Paddington train station on the way back to University. I've not eaten since I left home about an hour ago, so I've worked up a sizeable appetite for a snacc. I walk into Wasabi as I had done a few times before and picked up the Salmon set, my go to for fast sushi, the soft little parcels of salmon calling my name. The avocado looked a bit squishy so I ponder for a good half second before quashing my idiotic hygienic tendencies and telling myself step up to the plate.

Sure, this is never amazing sushi but it can do a lot to make a dreary journey enjoyable. The salty, sweet of the soy and the rice combining with the soft slithers of salmon can do a lot to brighten a grey day in London. Or at least that's what I thought as I hop on the train, box and chopsticks in hand ready to ruin other people's journey with the strong smell of soy and fish. 3 minutes later, the sashimi, nigiri and rolls are all gone and I feel content, well for now at least.

"turn a university loo into a swamp worthy of a shrek film"

A perfect mid journey meal right? It seemed that way until about 1am when I develop sudden nausea and an uncontrollable urge to shit. I hotfoot downstairs half naked into the bathroom and..... ah what a relief. But, in the hours after this, the feeling does not subside. The same happens again just as I'm leaving the house and then again, this time mid lecture causing me to get up and hobble out much to the dissaproval of the lecturer and then proceed to turn a University loo into a swamp worthy of a Shrek film.

The weather in my bathroom cleared up after the next day allowing me to stop carpet bombing my loo (much to my housemates relief); as did the shivers and the nausea However a new anxiety remained. My trip to Wasabi left me somewhat skittish to carry on gulping sushi on an occasional basis - I may have to resort to an M&S duck wrap for a bit.

I suppose a bad reaction to raw fish is bound to occur every now and then, but getting the runs is no fun. The question remains, when will I take the salty plunge again?

Not quite worth the hassle

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  • Oh dear..definitely needs to be good quality.

    Welcome to FoodTribe!

      7 months ago
  • Hope your feeling better

      7 months ago
  • That’s why don’t eat saw stuff!

      7 months ago