I​ do not *yet* enjoy wine...

B​ut apparently I can stomach $3 red wine

8w ago

F​or a while now, I have been delicately trying to gain a taste for wine. I have tried sips of my grandparents', sips of my wife's, and so on. In the past, each sip of wine came with a new facial expression plastered across my face, most easily described as disgust. It really makes very little sense. I love grapes and I love water. I can literally devour a bag of grapes in a single sitting and I drink plenty of water. However, when these two ingredients are added together and let to sit, the mixture becomes abhorrent to my tastebuds. That is, until yesterday.

W​e had some homemade pasta sauce last night with our Sunday night spaghetti dinner, and an ingredient with the sauce was a small amount of red wine. Enter... $3 wine. After dinner, I decided that it most likely wouldn't kill me to try a sip or two of the leftover wine to see if my taste for the stuff had changed, so I poured a glass of water full to the brim to help wash the wine down, and gently dripped about a millimeter of wine into a glass. I closed my eyes, took a sip, and suddenly realized I wasn't about to gag. The $3 wine was good! I poured a bit more and sipped on it for a while. I did still drink water with it as the flavor was still a bit much for me after a while, but apparently red wine was where I should have started to begin with.

W​ill I be buying wine very often? No, most likely not. I do not enjoy it that much, but not gagging or grimacing is a good start to a new and improved occasional consumption of wine which is much less embarrassing for myself when I am around others drinking it. I can now stomach it at a dinner without drowning myself with water afterwards, which could prove quite useful if I ever go out to a classy dinner out. Not that that will be happening anytime soon.

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  • Like coffee, if you don't want to drink it, just smell it. The rest will follow.

      1 month ago
  • I can not drink wine.

      1 month ago