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I drink a lot of bottled water, so I try to reduce my plastic consumption whenever I can. Here’s a juice bottle which I sterilized in the oven and filled with the homemade yogurt I made a couple of nights ago.

Glass containers are my fav by far: easy to clean and sterilize, durable, beautiful, and reusable. Has anyone else ditched plastic containers for glass?

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  • Yeah I use metal and glass bottles they are much better and easier to get around with, I also use keep cups as they are much much better coffee mugs than one you get as a to go glass from cafés

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  • Great idea. Living on the rivers/canals I can honestly say that ditched plastic bags on the water are falling rapidly, however, there are still countless plaggy bottles floating about.......

    1 month ago
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    • It’s scary. I had not realized how much waste I produce until I started to separate my trash for recycling. I was able to reduce the amount of plastic I consume in half, but I still wish...

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