Breakfast brought to you by
Breakfast brought to you by
3w ago

I feel like this deserves a post here too....

I have just taste tested these 3 peanut butters.

Each slice was buttered, toasted for the same time and the knife was wiped each time to avoid cross contamination.

These are my thoughts:

Marmite peanut butter - a lot more peanuts than the other 2 and easier to spread, really quite salty but the subtle marmite tang at the end is rather enjoyable. I feel this would go splendid as a base layer for cheese on toast. 6.5/10

Original Peanut butter - pretty bland compared to the 1st, perhaps I should have started here. Bit of a pain to spread, not a great peanut to butter ratio, just a bit "meh" 4/10

Crunchy nut peanut butter - I. Bloody. Love. This. Stuff.
It's literally perfect. The honey taste isn't too much, in fact, it calms the saltiness of the peanuts just enough that you can taste all the elements of it. Feel like it be perfect on any toasting food - even pop tarts or waffles. Solid 9.5/10. Would be a 10 if only it came in a bigger jar.

Thanks for coming to my Ted talk.

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Comments (4)

  • The crunchy nut one was by far my favourite!! Was beautiful with the slight honey hint 🤤 I tried the marmite one as a base layer for cheese on toast and it improved it so much more for me!

      23 days ago
  • Nice! 2nd and 3rd look sooooo crunchy 😮 Which one was the best?

      23 days ago
    • Nevermind! I just saw the other post.... I'd love to try them. Pb is one of the best things on earth 👌

        23 days ago
  • Yes! Crunchy is where it’s at

      23 days ago