- M​y empty bottle of Macallan which I can't quite seem to let go of.

I​ finally finished my college graduation present, and I am distraught

My Macallan Rare Black Cask whisky is no more. I've really not got much more to say, but read on for my future plans with the bottle...

Max Ruse posted in Drinks
7w ago

B​ack in 2018, I graduated from college with my Bachelors Degree and was gifted this bottle of Macallan Rare Black Cask whisky. At first, I was hesitant to even touch the box. I had never had a bottle of anything this nice before, but I knew eventually I would have to face my fears and taste the stuff. When I did, it took my breath away. Not just because the bite of alcohol was stronger than I was expecting, but because it had such a beautiful and rich color unlike I had seen before in a whisky.

A​nd the taste. Absolutely astounding whisky – full flavored on its own, but when mixed with a small amount of water the alcohol aroma slightly goes away, leaving you with a taste of fruit, berries, and everything else in between (I am purposely describing the taste cryptically as I really have no clue what was in it, but I enjoyed it more than any other whisky I have ever tasted).

A​bout a month ago, I finished the last drop of the bottle and have held onto all of its packaging. It is just such a pretty bottle and box, and looks nice in our little cookbook and liquor cabinet. Maybe one day I will fill it with some Jim Beam or something cheap. That way when people are over, I'll make them feel all special and give them a small taste and watch as they explain to me what a special bottle of whisky it is without them knowing they are drinking bottom shelf bourbon.

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  • That is so wrong and hilarious at the same time. 😂🤣

      1 month ago
    • Haha I have to try and give life back somehow to that beautiful bottle!

        1 month ago
    • Well I guess that's one way to do it.

        1 month ago
  • I was not expecting to read an evil plan at the end 😅😂

      1 month ago
  • 😂

      1 month ago