I know it was suppose to be this easy, but this quick too?

28w ago

You take your green onion, you stick it in water and plop it on your counter. It is literally that easy. On the left shows the approximate size that I had the one on the right cut at. This is one week's worth of growth. One week! You have that much new growth of green onion in just one week. So why not continuously have green onions growing on your counter?

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  • Argh! I tried giving this ago and it totally didn't work for me... did you keep the onion stood upright? Need to give it another try! Can't believe you got that in a week!!

      6 months ago
    • Not quite straight up but it was at a bit of a slant. You can actually see the growth amount through out the day. It is not in direct sunlight either and just water from the faucet.

        6 months ago
  • Im working on an avocado pit...

      6 months ago
  • That is awesome. Great tip

      6 months ago