I made Indian food and it turned out great

So what's James May's problem?

40w ago

I know you Brits have good Indian restaurants and takeaways literally on every corner. Unfortunately the situation here in Germany is a bit different. We don't have a lot of Indian restaurants and what many of them serve is often not as good as the Indian food you can buy at most British supermarkets.

So when I'm in the mood for some delicious Indian food I have to drive an hour - that's not the best idea in the moment.

James May's cooking adventures inspired me to make my own Indian food. We had some cauliflower left - that calls for an Aloo gobi!

Please don't expect a super authentic recipe. That's just how I cooked it with the stuff I had at home.

So let me be clear in my conclusion: I made Indian food and it was great ... and I don't know what's up with James May (but his photos are better). :-)

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