I made real food from Fallout 4. This is how it turned out

In the mood for apocalypse food

Amanda M posted in Baking
48w ago

A couple of weeks ago I bought a cookbook of recipes based on the video game Fallout 4, one of my all time favorite games. In it, you play the role of the "Sole Survivor" who emerges from a fallout vault many years after a nuclear bomb annihilated the world, and you embark on various quests and changing story lines that depend on your decision-making and battle skills.

One important aspect in most video games is health. Since Fallout 4 is an apocalypse game, your character can rejuvenate their health by eating food. There are plenty of moldy and irradiated options to gobble up in the open-world wasteland, but thankfully this cookbook makes everything nice and fresh for real life consumption.

Nuka Cola is one of the most recognizable food items in the Fallout world. Other popular items are BlamCo Mac and Cheese, Dandy Boy Apples, sweet rolls, pork and beans, Instamash, and Fancy Lads Snack Cakes. I made these sweet snack cakes this week and it certainly drained a ton of my stamina.

They took two days to make, including assembly. They're super rich in taste and are wickedly sweet. They were pretty easy to make, but there's a few times where you have to refrigerate the cake and icing for at least a few hours before moving on.

The end result was about 20 individual cakes! While they are pretty good, they're much too rich for my liking. The cake has to be refrigerated because it contains cream cheese filling, and that makes the cake very dense and almost raw tasting. They're not bad, but I wouldn't make them again.

I don't know what else I'll be making out of this cookbook because at this point in the lock down, I should probably eat a salad.

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Comments (21)

  • They look delicious and I love the vaultec lunchbox! What are you going to try next?

      11 months ago
    • They are quite good! The icing is a bit too sweet. I'm going to try the Blamco Mac and Cheese next!

        11 months ago
    • Cool, can't wait to see the food of fallout become real! 😁

        11 months ago
  • Lol..I have obviously been enjoying the elder scrolls cookbook. I plan on making my way through it because it is so tasty! It does not seem like you are enjoying fallout as much. Hopefully you'll find something good in it!

      11 months ago
    • I'm glad you are having fun with the Elder Scrolls on! I'll try an easier recipe out of this next time lol

        11 months ago
    • Lol...there are a lot of tasty sounding ones in the elder scrolls cookbook.

        11 months ago
  • Nice post. Those looked really good. I am concerned about the sweetness. I am more elder scrolls over fallout but still interested in this

      11 months ago
    • I would leave off the icing to cut down drastically on the sweetness, or just ice the top.

        11 months ago
  • You need to make a Perfectly Preserved Pie, I'm so sick and tired of seeing the machine fail at retrieving it.

      11 months ago
  • I'm sure they'd be fine with ice cream. That tones down the richest of chocolate mousses.

      11 months ago