- S​omeone dived in at top left before I could take the picture

I​ made stir-fry noodles and veg, and it was OK

This is the long-awaited Asian/Hammersmith fusion signature dish experience

1y ago

I​ largely made this up, starting with some left-over shrimp noodles. They were part boiled, drained, and then stir-fried in a bit of sesame oil, because I had some.

T​hey were kept warm while I did the veg bit. Started with the onions, added garlic and ginger. Then I added the other veg in a sequence that acknowledged their size and density.

I​n the interests of absolute transparency and accountability, I finished it all off with a few blobs of oyster sauce, stirred in. I suspect oyster sauce is to stir-frying what plaster is to the building trade. It can disguise all your cock-ups and amateurism.

U​nusually round here, it was all eaten, which means I haven't had any breakfast.

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Comments (26)

  • You would eat this stir fry for breakfast? Warm or cold?

      1 year ago
  • Next time you can take your sauce to the next level...try this 🙂

    Stir fry sauce:

    2 tbsp soy sauce

    1 tbsp dark soy sauce (or sweet soy sauce)

    1 tbsp oyster sauce

    1tsp sugar

    This is a common one I've seen in many recipes. You could also add white vinegar or fish sauce to get a tangy element. Good to see your foodie experiments. We are in full lockdown in NZ at the moment so I have been experimenting in the kitchen too. Tonight's dumplings were pretty good! 🙂

      1 year ago
  • It looked so delicious. Once the lockdown will be finished, open a restaurant. We need to taste your recipe.

      1 year ago
  • Errrr maggots

      1 year ago
  • I've done this kind of stir fry many times. I make a "soup" first consisting of sesame oil, garlic, ginger, 4 whole star anise, 1 fat cinnamon stick, broken in half and about 4 cups of mushroom stock. Toast the aromatics in the oil until fragrant, then add the stock, allow to simmer for......I don't know, maybe 1/2 hour, covered. Taste, if the flavours are where you want them to be, strain out the stuff and reserve the soup. Set aside about a 1/4 cup of stock to cool. Then you par boil the noodles, remove them from the soup, but keep the soup. Stir fry your goodies until slightly tender but still crisp, remove and reserve. Add the noodles to the pan, and some stock...I don't know how much, maybe 1 cup, stir fry until noodles are tender, adding stock if you need to. When noodles are tender, introduce reserved veggies to the pan, toss together, add more stock if needed. To the 1/4 of cooled soup, add some cornstarch, mix well and then quickly stir fry into your veggies and noodles. Toss until everything is coated with the glossy sauce, and serve. Keep any remaining soup and freeze for another day.

      1 year ago