I made the Biscoff lasagne. Yes, it was as good as you'd expect

Biscoff. Lasagne.

29w ago

Some days ago, I saw a recipe posted by Hayley Stanway: Biscoff lasagne.

It seemed interesting to me because I love biscoff. Who doesn't? So I decided to try!

I can only say yummy!

I can only say yummy!

And here it is. It took a while to try the recipe because sometimes in Italy it's quite difficult to find some foodstuffs.

There's just one thing that I want to suggest: in my opinion, you don't have to add sugar. Biscoff is already SO sweet, you really don't need more.

Anyway, this is a ridiculously yummy and indulgent new way to enjoy Biscoff. I'll definitely be making it again.

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