I tried the impossible burger

OMG, it isn't meat.

1y ago

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  • I've wanted to try one of these, and I'll probably go the cheaper option of the one at Burger King. They've had a ton of good reviews on theirs. I've been cutting out meat lately and it's not as difficult as it seemed at first. It's nice to see alternatives being created a lot lately. Glad you liked this! Keep the food reviews coming :)

      1 year ago
  • I really liked your new style of food reviews. This is the most interesting ... You can learn a lot. And it’s so exciting to find out whether you liked the ingredients, whether everything is good, whether others should buy it ... We have vegan burgers in our city from $ 1 to 8, but not more. in Belarus, all prices are two times lower. Even the same things in Russia and Europe costs in a twice more expensive. My computer in Belarus cost $ 300 less than the same in America. And this is so in everything.

    Each burger is unique in its taste and they are all very different ...

    It’s so nice to see that you want to be kind, you want to save the world, ecology, nature, your little devoted animal friends. No one more sincere and kinder can be happy for you than animals. They are worth it. The world is sorely lacking in kindness. it's like diamonds, which are very few, but they are very expensive. Kindness is something that will always be remembered and appreciated even in the worst times on the planet. And you, as a kind person and as the most cheerful TV presenter, create amazing joy around you. I want to look at you and believe in happiness and good luck

      1 year ago
  • There’s an awful lot of heavy breathing from Tom on that video, was he hung over too? I’d call that damned with faint praise burger.Also..£14 for a take away burger! No. I’ve been veggie for periods of my life, most recently for 6mths Jan-June this year & I’ve always gone back to eating meat ...mmmm... bacon...but I understand why you wouldn’t want to eat meat. I’m not sure faux burgers are the way though.

      1 year ago
  • Only James May could make eating lunch entertaining. Only James May can make making a butty entertaining. Is there anything this man can't make entertaining?

      1 year ago
  • I reckon the Impossible burger might catch on in Australia, , because there are plenty of older investors who are drowning in bad real estate debt, who would will jump at the chance at selling fibre rich burgers that can generate what appears to be a bit of profit.

    So quite possible there will be an oversupply of vege burger outlets, which I guess will result in v cheap vege burgers.

      1 year ago