I​ want to be remembered

I​mortality? It could be very cheap.

39w ago

Despite the warnings from elegist Thomas Gray about the paths of glory and what have you, most of us would like to be remembered for ever.

The best way to achieve this is probably to bequeath your name to a scientific principal or unit: Archimedes, for example, or Giovanni Battista Venturi, or Sir William Gnatscock. Bit of an effort, though.

You may end up being invoked through a famous building (George Pompidou), political and economic theory (Margaret Thatcher), or even a graphic device (Yujiro Emoji). I, however, have decided that I’d like to be immortalised as a Heinz spaghetti shape.

Imagine that. Heinz Bims in a rich tomato sauce; my likeness replicated billions of times for the common good. What a legacy that would be.

And, in the modern digital world of flexible manufacturing, I don’t see why this would be beyond the wit of the 57 varieties. We’ve had hoops, the alphabet, haunted house, and space invaders. Why not your own face, or your dog, or your favourite WWII fighter aircraft, on the proviso that you order at least two dozen tins?

I’d like that. I’d like to think that, a century from now when I’m completely forgotten, I’d still be given a shout-out every time someone says ‘I fancy Bims on toast’.

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  • I'm on it

      9 months ago
  • Choose not a formed noodle as a modus of remembrance,

    Let not a morphology define your legacy.

    Rather, let your actions be a casting. Let them seep

    Into generations as anonymously as an act of kindness

    On a Tuesday, or a father’s instruction to his son not to

    Ride too high in the saddle lest he suffer the consequences

    Of Bim balls.

      9 months ago
  • Imagine the fun babies will have. “Mama, I pud bimbims on my nosie “

      9 months ago
  • I was eating 'Bims on toast' while reading this post, don't think it'll be forgotten! That was very well said that. 👍

    What food item would you think Clarkson and Hammond would be?

    Long live Heinz Bims!

      9 months ago
  • ‘I fancy Bims on toast’!!!

      9 months ago