I wanted to try shawarma and this happened

I can't help it you all

Doug F posted in Burgers
1w ago

FoodTribe, you all know I love burgers of all kinds, I have a reputation after all. Why is it that when I want to try something new the first thing I think of is, this would make a great burger!

I found a bottle of shawarma marinade and got excited, so I grabbed the rest of the things I needed to make this highly recommended dish happen. Out of curiosity I tried the shawarma marinade by itself and immediately fell in love with that complex flavor. After a couple of spoonful's later I was in the fridge looking for the chicken to start marinating. The next thing I knew I was standing at the counter with a package of ground beef in my hand instead of chicken. So in a zip lock bag went ground beef and shawarma to start marinating.

The next day at dinner time I grabbed out my bag of ground beef and was pleased to find it would form a patty. So I tossed it in a iron skillet with a little extra shawarma sauce. After flipping the patty and seeing it was going to stay together I added some feta cheese on the top. I sliced the pita and spread on some yogurt garlic sauce. On went the burger along with lettuce and onion.

FoodTribe I do not regret this decision at all, in fact I am happy that my burger instinct took over. This was one amazing burger that I look forward to having again and highly recommend you all try. I can not wait to try proper grilled chicken shawarma next.

Do I have a burger problem FoodTribe and should I seek professional help for it? Tell me what you think of this silliness in the comments below. Stay wonderful FoodTribe and remember, I love you all!

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Comments (33)

  • That burger looks amazing!!! I wouldn't mind to have one 😁

      13 days ago
  • that sounds like it should belong in a restaurant somewhere!

      13 days ago
  • There’s no such thing as a burger problem, just burger love 😍

      13 days ago
    • I like your philosophy! 😁

        13 days ago
  • A "burger problem"? Never knew those two words could go in the same sentence 😂

    And it looks amazing!

      13 days ago
    • That is what I think but I am happy we are in agreement 😀


        13 days ago
  • Definitely not. Shawama is more coommonly used on chicken but burgers, why not. Delicious flavour. Of Arabic/Turkish origin. Chicken shawarma is a favourite of mine 🍷

      13 days ago
    • The flavor is really good indeed. I will be indulging in it more.

        13 days ago