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Iceland wows with new childhood favourites range

Hula Hoops and Space Invaders have been given the revolutionary makeover.

4w ago

Glorious recipes adorn the internet like sunshine sprinkles the sand of deserts. Although they may appear to be delightfully delicious, recipe overload can result in an exhaustion far greater than a mere dose of Sahara dehydration.

With Instagram urging us to be thin and TikTok wowing with the simplicity of a two-ingredient roast dinner that can be cooked in a toaster, choosing the optimum mealtime approach can be a harrowing adventure.

In the midst of all this chaos, Iceland has seized the opportunity to simplify all of our lives. Gone are the days of having to choose between a three-course meal or bread and cheese – it’s time to welcome the arrival of frozen Space Invaders and Hula Hoops.

The food favourites are thoroughly reinvigorated childhood gems, meaning that classic crisps can finally grace teatime tables as a fully wholesome meal (well, food on a plate at least).

No expense has been spared on the inspirational culinary voyage. All of the best crisp flavours have been secured, including tasty pickled onion and BBQ beef Space Invaders and Hula Hoops seasoned with cheese and onion, original salted, salt and vinegar and BBQ beef. James May is in heaven.

Bags of the frozen potato shapes have gone on sale this week. They are available from Iceland and Food Warehouse outlets for Β£1.50 each.

The only issue left unaddressed is whether the dinnertime staples of potato smiley faces and alphabet shapes will be wiped out by an invasion of hula hooping aliens.

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  • I NEED the pickled onion Space Raider potatoes in my life...!

      29 days ago
  • And the monster munch?

      28 days ago