Iconic dining spot Eleven Madison Park in NYC to go meatless

The legendary establishment is relaunching as an all-vegan restaurant

5w ago

The iconic Eleven Madison Park restaurant, located inside the Met-Life Building in Manhattan, NYC will be reopening its doors on June 10 with an all-vegan menu. The restaurant closed down during lockdown and some feared it may never come back, but in an recent radio interview with National Public Radio, three Michelin-Starred chef Daniel Humm confirmed the restaurant is indeed ready to welcome diners again, and it is going meatless.

Humm said his diet is "90 percent vegetarian" and he knows that transforming this much-hyped restaurant into a vegan one is a bit of a gamble. There are 132 three Michelin-starred restaurants in the world and none of them are vegan.

The details of the menu haven't been released yet but, according to a restaurant spokesperson, it will start at just over $300, which is not exactly cheap but sort of expected in New York City. In fact, Humm has acknowledged and admitted that one of the biggest challenges with vegan restaurants is they tend to be more expensive than average. He said he'd already thought about going completely vegetarian in another restaurant he runs in London but it's a risk.

"Main courses cost £40 [about $55] on average," Humm said. "Could you charge that for a dish of broccoli? Probably not”.

With EMP, Humm is planning to join a growing list of award-winning vegan and vegetarian restaurants. Ona, a vegan restaurant in the French city of Bordeaux, recently became the first vegan restaurant to receive a Michelin star in France.

Humm said that "if the meal is delicious, people will buy into it". He also added that change is needed, because the way "we source and consume our food, the way we eat meat is not sustainable. So we decided that our restaurant will be 100 percent plant-based".

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Comments (4)

  • $10 bet the all vegan menu won't last a year. They will be forced to put meat back on thr menu to survive.

      1 month ago
  • I believe it will be like it is now, it is not the future though.

      1 month ago
  • That looks fancy restaurant

      1 month ago
  • It will only be the future if other animals also stop eating animals 😉

      1 month ago