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Bloody good and bloody easy cookies

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With this little cookie hack, I don't think you'll ever need a cookie recipe again. That's how good they are. Even the inexperienced baker will find this method easy and delicious. For this hack, it involves a little bit of math, but nothing complicated so stay with me.

It's ratios! This ratio is for cookies or biscuits and is super simple to follow. The ratio is... 1,2,3.

This is how it goes: 1 part sugar, 2 part fat, 3 part flour.

By saying 'fat', I mean butter, or margarine, or oil. So, if you're using say 100g of sugar, you'll use 200g of butter (or your fat of choice) and 300g of flour. Easy, right?! You mix the batter in the way the ratio goes: so sugar, then fats, then flour.

To enhance your cookies, you could add in a handful of chocolate chips, some fruit, whatever toppings you fancy, and some vanilla extract if you'd like, as they do not affect the ratio. To make my cookies even better, I use a mixture of two sugars. I like to use soft brown sugar and caster sugar. For this recipe I would use 50g of each sugar to make up 100g. It makes the cookies a little chewier and they just taste incredible. You can also use half oil/half butter for your fats, which also makes your cookies that bit chewier and delish.

When using this recipe, cook off those cookies for about 12-14 minutes depending on how you like them, at 180° Celsius. Of course, let them cool for about 5 minutes or so before tucking in with a nice cup of tea of coffee.

Ingredients (example) + method:

-100g sugar, 200g butter, 300g self raising flour


-50g caster sugar, 50g soft brown sugar, 100g butter, 100ml oil, 300g flour

Pre-heat your oven to 180°c. Mix the sugar(s) with your slightly softened butter, sieve in the flour and fold it so there is no lumps of flour left. Add in some vanilla extract, and toppings of choice (but no liquids other than vanilla as it upsets the ratio) and mix. Roll the batter into balls and place on a greased or baking paper lined tray. Bake the cookies for 12-14 minutes at 180° c. Let cool, and dig in!

I think this cookie hack is just brilliant, and you should definitely give them a try, you won't be let down! You'll never need another cookie recipe after this. I know I didn't folks!

Anyways chaps, that's all for now. I do hope you enjoy this 'recipe' hack!

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  • It's very interesting! I will try it and share the result! Thank you!

    And welcome to Foodtribe 🌹

      6 days ago
    • no problem! thank you very much! looking forward to hearing how they turn out!

        6 days ago
    • Quick question: you didn't mention baking soda or powder. Those aren't needed?

        5 days ago
  • Those sound like some good cookies.

    Welcome to Foodtribe!

      5 days ago
  • Nice!

    Welcome to FoodTribe!

      4 days ago
  • I like this, usually terrible at remembering quantities!

      5 days ago