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If I could only eat one thing forever, it would be meat

If you could only eat one thing for an open-ended period of time, what would you choose? Here's my choice

Rob Letterly posted in Meat
1y ago

This article has been sitting in my box for a couple of months; but with the End of Days approaching thanks to that pesky Coronavirus (if my fellow Americans don't start taking sh*t seriously), it seems apropos.

There was a poll on FoodTribe that, for me at least, provoked thought. If you could only eat one thing, what would it be? I remember pizza as a choice, maybe chocolate as another?

so, the utter opposite of this

so, the utter opposite of this

My choice wasn't on there, and this isn't surprising considering the number of people multiplied by the number of foods compounded by the five choices the poll allowed. I haven't consulted any nutritionists, who'd most likely suggest the powdered grasshoppers favored by @CaroleMason's son. I formulated a few criteria in my head:

It'd have to be something I really liked, of course. It'd have to have some flavor to it, although not terribly spicy or salty. In my case, it couldn't be sugary or have much in the way of complex carbohydrate at all. It also couldn't be full of unhealthy fats. Although I loves me some fried food, not only is it extremely unhealthy, but repeated servings tend to feel very heavy, leaving an unwell feeling. Glad to see that specific instinct is still intact.

At this point the Vegans among us are pointing at some sort of flora: maybe an apple, or an asparagus, I dunno? How about the cherries I raved about yesterday? Well, full of antioxidants, and I'd never get gout. But the sugar would kill me first. Honestly, I like most vegetables, but if I had to eat one of them exclusively, I'd hang myself off of Tom Hanks' ledge in about 10 days.

Eggs and dairy, same deal. No, I'd have to have some form of relatively lean meat, preferably grilled or fire roasted, and I've settled on what we call 'gyro meat' here in the Midwest. You might call it a shawarma or doner kebab.

Due to its cooking method, the meat stays juicy and at the same time is not fatty. The variety of distinct yet not overpowering flavors of onion, garlic, oregano, marjoram, rosemary, oregano as well as the meats (I prefer lamb/beef) keep the mouth interest going, even after several meals. Plus, it's an excuse to eat tzatziki sauce. MMMM

Thus, if I were going to hysterically barge into a supermarket today to hoard a food product, I would fill MY cart with gyro meat. And pre-made tzatziki sauce because I know there are good recipes for it but I've never quite mastered it.

As always, FoodTribers, stay safe!

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  • And that is the key to successful stockpiling - thinking differently.

      1 year ago
  • Oh yes! Excellent food choice!

      1 year ago
  • That's not a bad choice at all 👍

      1 year ago
  • I'm with you on this!

      1 year ago