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If the choux fits: Manon Lagrève’s Maple Croquembouche recipe

Manon, you are really spoiling us with these recipes...

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Y​ou may have convinced yourself to never, ever eat dessert again after overindulging at Christmas. But we say, that's nonsense! It's time to welcome in the new year with this delicious dessert because, well, we deserve an extra treat and this arrives courtesy of our favourite French baker Manon Lagrève.

Y​ou'll already know Manon from the irresistibly drool-worthy baked goods she creates and shares on her cookery blog Manon's Little Kitchen, Instagram, and on cookery primetime TV shows. But most of all as a much-loved former contestant on The Great British Bake Off (season 9, 2018).

Manon grew up on a dairy farm in the French countryside, Brittany specifically, and first moved to the UK to work as an au pair. Now she works as a software project manager by day in London, where she fell in love with baking. "Ten years ago in France, I had never really tried cupcakes, a tiered cake or anything like that, and I just loved how cute and sweet these pastries were in London," she told FoodTribe in a recent interview (link below). "I started to bake for my little kiddies and then it started from there. My first baking cookbook was from the Hummingbird bakery, which I think are still the best cupcakes out there!"

M​aple from Canada

M​aple from Canada

Now she's knocking out fabulous creations like this,​ it only felt right to share it with you. By the way, a traditional croquembouche or croque-en-bouche is a French dessert consisting of choux pastry puffs piled into a cone and bound with threads of caramel. Manon says her family often makes it for special occasions and it's the perfect way to bring some maple magic into your home.

Manon can "a-choux" you this magnificent recipe is "super easy" to pull off and it is part of an exciting collaboration between the French baker and Maple from Canada that has involved her cooking-up a series of seriously tasty recipes, all involving lashings of pure Canadian maple syrup. Read our full chat with Manon, which includes links to her Maple from Canada recipes below.

We know we are teasing you here, but the full recipe is coming up and scroll down for a video of Manon creating her croquembouche, which she recommends making over a leisurely afternoon with your family and enjoy all the fun of getting sticky fingers together. That's what it's all about, after all.

Manon told us she was delighted to be contacted by Maple from Canada at the start of last year and it has been an amazing experience so far. "I was able to go back to Canada which I love dearly, understand how maple is made and how it is important to the Canadian culture but also the ways in which we can benefit from it here. I met some amazing other chefs and shared some great moments," she said.

D​id you know croquembouche literally translates to: "a cone-shaped stack of cream puffs coated with caramelized sugar". This soaring beauty does exactly what is says on the tin, except in this case it's delicious maple syrup drizzled on top to make it shine (and there's definitely no tin).

D​on't forget to let us know if you make this sticky-fingered beauty in time for New Year's Eve. We hope it creates some great moments and memories for you all. Maple new year!

M​aple from Canada

M​aple from Canada

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  • Wowsers!

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  • It reminds me the pastries my grandfather did in his bakery. I grew up seeing him making choux à la crème and some other extraordinary pastries in my native French town.

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  • Wow it looks delicious

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