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Impeachment vodka goes on sale in the US, but it's pink, not orange

For those sadists who enjoy applying alcohol to burns...

12w ago

Are you the kind of person that likes to celebrate an election by inviting friends over to enjoy strange, alcoholic beverages? Of course not, but here is the limited-edition "Impeachment" vodka by AMASS anyway. It will give you the sweet taste of victory and leave your bitter colleagues dry. Peach, vodka and hints of rose create the ultimate drink to celebrate Joe Biden's inauguration... and Donald Trump's imPEACHment. A touch of ginger and red current are also added for extra punch.

AMASS were cheeky with the drink's tasting notes too, stating that the soft rose petals provide a delicate aroma "much like Donny's ego". Meanwhile, the ginger adds warmth to the spirit "unlike a Russian winter or Melania's embrace". Needless to say, this is drink is best served ice cold to both Democrats and Republicans alike. Do not let your political beliefs intervene as this is just a peach-flavoured vodka at the end of the day.

The Impeachment is limited to just 2021 bottles and is expected to ship by March. Currently priced at $60 USD, this 750mL bottle will spark a conversation amongst the awkwardest of people. You can view the product via AMASS' store by clicking here or at the bottom of the article.

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  • I do feel like they missed a trick on the whole 'orange' thing, but at least it looks quite appealing as it is!

      2 months ago
  • 🐶

      2 months ago