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Rolls-Royce joins other luxury brands (including Bentley) in an effort to save bees

37w ago

A while ago, Rolls-Royce joined several prominent luxury brands and started producing honey – and I mean actual honey from actual bees. As car manufacturing has been temporarily suspended during the ongoing crisis, the British Marque decided it would be a great time to increase production of honey. Now, in their third full season in the honey-making world, the brand's apiary is targeting new records of production.

The Bee Apiary is located in Goodwood, West Sussex, at the Home of Rolls-Royce – and it comprises six hives with a "workforce" of around 250,000 English honey bees. This is part of the brand's plan to save certain species of bees in an effort to promote environmental sustainability.

In the 42-acre site, six traditional English-crafted beehives have been constructed, five of which are named after Rolls-Royce cars: Phantom, Wraith, Ghost, Dawn and Cullinan, while the sixth is called the ‘Spirit of Ecstasy’.

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