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Impossible says it won’t be partnering with McDonald’s

Wave goodbye to your dreams of an Impossible Big Mac

1y ago

We’ve got the Impossible Whopper (and the soon-to-be Impossible Croissan’wich) so it seems like a plant-powered Big Mac would be the next logical step, right?

Wrong. Impossible Foods, the guys behind the super-popular plant-based alternatives to beef and now pork, are no longer trying to win the deal to supply McDonald’s.

The company told Reuters that it can’t produce enough of the vegan meat in order to partner with the world’s top fast-food chain.

Shares of Impossible’s rival, Beyond Meat, shot up after Reuters reported that Impossible was no longer in talks with McDonald’s.

Impossible Foods CEO Pat Brown told Reuters that “it would be stupid for us to be vying for [McDonald’s] right now ... Having more big customers right now doesn’t do us any good until we scale up production.”

Impossible Foods is now working to more than double production instead of trying to win a deal the size of McDonald’s, Brown said.

“I wish we had vastly more capacity than we do right now because the demand is high,” he said.

In September, McDonald’s launched a test of a P.L.T. burger in Canada, using patties made by Beyond Meat. But the fast food giant hasn’t got a plant-based burger as a regular feature on its US menus… yet.

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  • Good play on words 😂😂😂

      1 year ago
  • McDonalds is McDon't.. smart of them

      1 year ago
  • probably incredibly smart on Impossible's part. Who wants to be associated with food mediocrity?

      1 year ago