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In Switzerland, 100-year-olds receive 100 bottles of wine for their birthday

I’m gonna move to Switzerland when I’m 99

5w ago

There are cantons in Switzerland where you receive 100 bottles of wine when you turn 100. A resident of the Fribourg canton (the equivalent of an Italian region or a U.S. state) named Marie-Antoinette recently made headlines when the government of the canton she lives in offered 100 bottles of wine to celebrate her upcoming 100th birthday.

According to Le Matin Dimanche - a Swiss newspaper - Marie-Antoinette turned the offer down.

Fribourg canton bailiff Claude Freiburghaus told the newspaper that the canton came up with the 100-bottle idea in 2000. Residents were also reportedly given the choice of a free armchair but nobody really wanted one so now you can either take the bottles, receive a 1,500 Swiss Francs (£1.2k / €1.4k / $1.6k) voucher to spend at a local business or have the canton donate 1,500 Swiss Francs to charity on your behalf.

”In 2020, we celebrated 27 centenarians. Five of them opted for the donation and two for the gift voucher," said Freiburghaus.

Marie-Antoinette’s birthday is on November 5 and even though she already said she doesn’t want the bottles, she still hasn’t decided what she’s going to get.

Would you accept the bottles?

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