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India's most loved flatbread: Aloo paratha recipe

It's one of the most popular dishes in Indian households

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Aloo Paratha is one of the most popular dishes in Indian households. Aloo paratha is extremely popular through the out the west, middle and northern parts of the Indian Peninsula. You can find aloo parathas in 5-star hotels and roadside dhabbas (diners by the highway). The dhabba ones taste the best! However, if you do not have a strong stomach, the dhabba ones are best avoided.

Aloo if you do not know, 'aloo' means potatoes and 'paratha' means flatbread with stuffing. So Aloo Paratha translates into stuffed potato flatbread. By now you would have guessed that it is going to have an exciting mix of spices.

Aloo Paratha can be eaten at any point of the day. From breakfast to dinner and anywhere in between. It is usually served with pickles, yogurt and dhal. Any dhal goes well with aloo paratha. You can even have it the way it is. Just make sure you add dollops of butter on top. Also now you know what you can do with Jeremy's potatoes. I love having it with chai.

Aloo Paratha

India's most loved flatbread

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  • Chip potatoes 500 gms boiled and grated
  • Green chilli finely chopped 5 gms
  • Fresh coriander finely chopped 10 gms
  • Red onion finely chopped 90 gms
  • Cumin powder 5 gms
  • Chaat masala 5 gms
  • Salt to taste
  • Anardana powder 10 gms (pomegranate powder) (I prefer not to use this but most people would not mind it) (also can be made without this)
  • Butter 150 gms
  • Whole wheat flour (atta) 500gms
  • Water 310 gms
  • Oil 10ml
  • Salt to taste



  1. Mix all the ingredients together and check the seasoning and salt
  2. Divide the stuffing into 10 equal parts


  1. Add water to the whole wheat flour and salt and mix it well
  2. Knead the mix to make a soft dough
  3. Add the oil and keep it for an hour to rest
  4. Divide into 10 equal parts


  1. Flatten a piece of the dough
  2. Stuff it with the aloo mix
  3. Roll it flat into approximate 4 inches diameter
  4. Cook on a pan while basting it with butter

Recipe Notes

Serve hot with yogurt, pickle or dhal. You can add a dollop of butter on top while hot. Can also be eaten with chaat masala on the side.

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Comments (41)

  • I love it with Schezwan sauce. Not butter cuz that's too fatty.

      1 year ago
  • I believe this is one thing that entire India loves. Like I've had people down south who drool over the thought of aloo parathas whenever we go past a Punjabi/north indian restaurant

      1 year ago
  • This is great . We just received a lot of flat bread. Lol

      1 year ago
    • You have to make your own flatbread... but you can even buy the regular naans from the supermarket and make a potato stuffing and use it....would be as awesome as ever

        1 year ago
    • Wife just said flat bread is super easy to make.

        1 year ago
  • Oh this looks good. I might have to attempt to make this.

      1 year ago

      1 year ago