Innovative food storage idea... you won't believe what I use

I don't know if I was the first person to discover this, but it was born out of necessity and is actually the best way to keep food fresh.

1y ago

The background story to this is that I was preparing the fridge for a two-week trip at sea with no possibility of stopping to gather any more fresh goods. The fridge was rammed and was either too hot or too cold all the time, but I really have to keep up a high level of cooking to keep everyone happy.

I looked around for some kitchen roll to protect the herbs and I had forgotten to buy it!

The only thing I could find was the flat incontinence pads I use for my dogs toilet needs. So I wrapped the herbs in the pads and hoped for the best.

What a surprise, they work so much better and kept the basil fresh for the whole trip.

Over time I have just taken to use them for anything delicate in my fridge cheese, cooked meats and even soft fruit go in them in my fridge at home.

Does anyone else do this or am I just weird?

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Comments (8)

  • We use newspaper

      1 year ago
    • Good idea I should do a comparison trial

        1 year ago
    • Oh yeah, that would be epic! However, the prices will be way different. They also apparently have a great steakhouse. Lol and I confused 2 of your posts

        1 year ago
  • I'm assuming its to keep the moisture down? If so, it sounds brilliant.

      1 year ago
    • Yes it’s really absorbent and wicks the damp and the plastic backing keeps the cold from damaging it

        1 year ago
  • Haha great minds think alike

      1 year ago
  • incontinence pads do have many uses. Wal-Mart is already using them in their wrapped butchered meat

      1 year ago
  • It's smart thinking, the pad manufacturing is a mature market, and per unit prices will always be low.

      1 year ago